Welcome to my blog sale!

Cute clothings/accessories/misc that I have not used, or worn once and are in wonderful condition up for sale!

Please select on the item's images for more detail and pricing/pictures!

~3.95$ Flat Rate shipping. USPS First Class.
~ Orders $20 get free shipping.
~ All sales final.
~(I do not ship outside of USA)

1) You must have a paypal account. Sign up for one if you do not already at

2) Please select items you would like to buy, and email me to SLEEPLESSSANTOKIDOKI@GMAIL.COM.

Give me your paypal account's email address, so I can send the paypal transaction for you to complete payment securely before i ship orders out!

Give me your shipping address with that email.

>> Orders are on first come first serve. If you email me, I process orders immediately. But if someone emails me and pay me for the items that you also want before, the item goes to that person. I email you and tell you what is still available, then send and email if you would like to still complete the order. If you can not make payment within 24 hours, the items must go to the next person who wants it.

Thanks for looking around, happy shopping!

View my selling rating on ebay if you would like to know a little bit about my seller's background, my ebay account is Jommyck1.

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04 April



my bed describes my lifestyle



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"She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful."
— Neil Gaiman (via moaka)

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- Intro:yo dis my paper
- Body Paragraphs:*written beautifully along with correct spelling and grammar"
- Conclusion:dats it lol bye
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OMG I just found the Hottest boy on tumblr and he’s single! <3
His link’s here
 Addicted to his blog!!! 

WTF hes so fricken HOT

I love his blog I reblogged everything :*

He looks like zayn malik <333 MY OVARIES!
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— 29 March
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"Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart."
村上 春樹, Kafka on the Shore (via visualcomplex)


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